Quote for today

I am currently reading the wonderful Cycling Into Your Soul by Marg Archibald and came across these inspirational quotes in the first few pages:

Don’t get me wrong. I’m no athlete. I’m not fast and I’m not strong. I’m no hero. I just like exploring places on a bicycle. No toe clips. No drop handlebars. No personal best. Just pedal, pedal, look at the scenery, listen to the trees, watch the world, explore out there and inside myself. If I can do that around Southern Alberta, or Ireland, or France, then why not – anywhere?”

I was as ready to die as I ever have been. And ready to start living. Now was the moment that my whole life had trained me for. Others have said that. Others have felt their history and experience suddenly re-sort and go click. All of life up to now was apprenticeship. Now, real life was beginning… Whatever the adventure is, it is now.

As I said, wonderful!

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