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April is #30DaysOfBiking so I am using this as preparation for this year’s National Bike Challenge. So far things are going well, I feel strong and I now have a Dexcom G5 CHM unit constantly measuring my blood sugar levels. I am hoping this will help me avoid the dangerous hypo I suffered during last year’s challenge. 

So far this Spring flooding has been the main problem with several sections of the trail network completely closed, including the Anthony Blvd. to Moser Park section of the Rivergreenway. Of course, this is the section that I ride to get home so for the moment I am only riding to Anthony Blvd. before getting a lift around the flooded section. If the flooding continues into the start of May I will have to consider riding the S. Anthony, Wayne Trace, New Haven Ave., Nelson detour I used occasionally during the Winter. It’s not my favorite ride however.

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