A Freezing Start To 2018!

The temperatures here in northern Indiana have been brutally cold for a while now and it deosn’t look like things will get much better for the next week or so. Still, it is possible to get out and ride and the Fatboy fat bike was designed for these conditions so I have been out riding as many days as I can (even if the distances are a lot less than normal).

This is the time of year that I usually choose my targets for the following year so here goes: I am going to try and ride at least 8000 miles during 2018. I very nearly managed it in 2017 but just missed by 50 miles!

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  1. Ashley says:

    Yep, that’s how it has been in IL too for my biking to work. Haven’t braved our polar vortex temps for anything other than work! Hope to bike out to eat next week when our temps reach 30! -6 and -20 are bitter temps!

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